Hit ⌥⌘R to see any file in Raskin

A new free companion app ads a Raskin button to your Finder toolbar and provides system-wide shortcuts.

Works with Raskin 1.8.3 and up and Raskin 2.

Download Raskin Helper

Please note: when starting Raskin Helper for the first time, you might have to open the app using the context menu (right-click or CTRL-click on the app icon) and confirm the System Gatekeeper dialog.

Tight system integration

with Raskin Helper

Finder toolbar button

Press Command (⌘) while dragging the application icon onto your toolbar to install.

“Zoom” back into Raskin

Within any application, just scroll while holding Command-Option (⌥⌘) to switch back to Raskin and locate the current document.

Keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘R

Press this shortcut to reveal items you have selected in Finder – or: the currently open document – on the Raskin Surface.


Switch back to Raskin

Localize open documents or selected items from Finder.

In addition to the toolbar button, Raskin Helper provides system-wide shortcuts for keyboard and mouse or trackpad. From any application (inlcluding Finder) the frontmost window will be localized on the Raskin Surface.

  • Scroll while holding Command-Option (⌥⌘)
  • or press: Command-Option-R (⌥⌘R).


You’ll probably find all the help you need in our manual.

See Raskin Manual…

Or contact our friendly support at or select Support from the Raskin Help menu.