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Thank you for helping us to improve Raskin! Please read the terms below and download the Beta.
After launching it you’ll be asked to sign up for a free Beta license.

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What’s new?

Do many more things with Raskin 2

Seriously refined

There’s a whole lot of rethinking behind Raskin 2. Seriously! More than 200 individual enhancements make Raskin a whole new experience. And it’s available today as Beta.

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Visual sorting

Among other things, the next generation of our zoomable file browser now lets you sort documents by visual criteria, like principle color or image dimensions.

Customizable Toolbar

You’ll notice a new Toolbar has been added to the Raskin Surface. This improves ease of use by giving you quick access to commonly used functions. Customize or hide it through the View menu.

Up to 10x more files

We’ve completely rebuilt Raskin from the ground up for improved performance and a lighter load on your system. This means longer battery life and that on high-end systems you can now see up to 50’000 files simultaneously.

Finder toolbar button

A little Helper app will now sit conveniently in your Finder toolbar. Just drag it next to your View options so you can easily switch between list view and Raskin view.

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To run the Beta you can either get a free Beta license or you can buy your Raskin 2 license for just $9.99.

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More new features

Over 200 enhancements make Raskin 2 a whole new experience.

To present you Raskin 2, our engineering team has implemented a total of just over 250 new features, fixes and optimizations. Ranging from Sandbox compatibility necessary for any new application sold through Mac App Store to improved memory management and a host of interface improvements. Here’s a selection of smaller but nevertheless very practical enhancements:

  • Below any selected file, you can now see the icon of the application that the file will open in.
  • A “Reveal in Finder” button is now available in the Toolbar and also top right within every selected folder.
  • New “File > Recent Places” menu gives you quick access to Places that you have hidden from the Surface. Or to Places that have been automatically hidden because they were no longer accessible like from server volumes or external drives.
  • New “File > Add Files And Folders” menu item gives you another option for adding items to your Surface (apart from dragging them to the Surface or dock icon).

The Beta Program

Please read the following before launching the Beta.

With the Beta Program we are looking for all kinds of feedback but especially for reproducible errors. If you find a bug, please try to reproduce it and send us step-by-step instructions in what you did.

  • Don’t use Raskin beta and other Raskin versions at the same time.
  • Make sure “Time Machine” backup is running while using the beta.
  • Make sure you have a recent backup of your computer.
  • In case your Raskin Surface is compromised by the Beta, restore the following file from backup: <your home directory>/Library/Application Support/Raskin/Raskin.archive. This file contains all the layout, size, position and file-related information and you can restore it anytime.
  • If you’d like to have Raskin create a new Surface from scratch, hold down the Option key (⌥) while launching Raskin.

Don't hesitate to use the built in feedback forms and to submit crash-reports. Or contact us via


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